About Us

Mane’a The Salon & Spa is the Finest Unisex Salon in India. Mane’a is known for its premium hairstyle and beauty care salon offering cutting an edge, creative styles to a discerning clientele. Established in the Year 2004, Mane’a emerged as a leader to give Client-Centric and Market Focused Hair & Skin Solutions

A passionate team of experts at Mane’a is led by a Creative Head at every Franchise. In a span of 17 years, Mane’a grew popular as a Family Salon and posted a tenfold growth opening 30+ Salons in South India. Mane’a is one of the Two Salon Brand in South India, which owns an Academy and Believes in regular employee training to ensure 100% Client Satisfaction. The Academy also focuses on believing in young Talent and to give them a platform for Professional Skill Development. Mane’a is also associated with the Film industry for over a decade. Raising the glamour quotient in celebrities who are our regular visitors is one of the Key Competency for Mane’a . Personal attention is the hallmark of Mane’a which brings trendsetting hair care in a relaxed ambience

“Hands, head and the heart” come together to bring out a confident person wearing suitable


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A part of Mane’a name is adapted from the term ‘Mane’ which means beautiful hair; considered the most important part of anyone’s beauty regime. Always a lot of steps ahead, with the grand element of term ‘mania’ which means absolute passion and madness, Mane’a perfectly represents that it goes beyond than what’s expected and is absolutely dedicated towards the purpose of being the best beauty services provider.When the word Mane and the sound of Mania form a unison, the brand Mane’a comes into existence as a paragon of a space which is devoted to beauty and grooming.



Today’s salon industry has witnessed a transformation in the equation between customers and salons. With customers being more inclined towards experimenting hairstyles and overall appearance, the opportunity space for this industry has grown multifold. There has been a very evident change in the way salons are perceived. A salon is now no more just a place to fix your looks but a go-to place to experience grooming, relax and pamper oneself. The social media has also given a major boost to the salon industry in various ways including marketing, word of mouth

It’s time of the past when salons were viewed as places catering to fashion professionals. A revolution of its own kind has taken leaps taking into consideration the increased need of the New Generation of portraying personality via appearance.

With the Changing Generation and Mind Set of the Individuals to explore opportunities and face the World. It gives a cutting edge to the Salon Industry too for growing in multi-folds.

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